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Livery & Training - Sparks Equestrian near Liss and the A3, Hampshire

Livery & Training

At Sparks Equestrian we offer a range of full and training livery packages which are detailed below:

Full Livery (£170 a week)


  • Hard feed
  • Hay – which we grow ourselves
  • Mucking out and skipping out throughout the day
  • Grooming and tack cleaning daily
  • Daily turnout
  • Rug changing
  • Late hay and check

Our full livery also includes daily exercise on our horse walker and use of all other facilities.

Full training livery (£250 a week)


  • Full livery as above plus a full training program for you and your horse.

The following extras are also available at an additional cost:

  • Grooming sundries (i.e. main and tail spray/fly spray etc.)
  • Food additives such as salt licks, treats and supplements
  • Veterinary sundries (i.e. wormers, Animalintex, vet wrap etc.)

Short Term Training Liveries (£65 per day)

We offer short term livery and training at £65 per day. This includes full livery and training.

We also offer a short-term livery for the night at a rate of £25 a night.

Training for Non Liveries

We also offer individual lessons for non liveries on your own horse with trainer Caroline Sparks (45 minutes).

The cost of this is £40 at Parklands Farm or £50 at your own home or yard.

Why not join up with a friend for a 1 hour lesson for 2 riders at £20 per person.